Friday, October 31, 2014

Renovated Melbourne Villa

Blog posts have been a bit short and sweet this week. In my other life I am a teacher. This week I have been teaching most days. A bit chaotic getting out the door with two littlies early in the morning, but then I look at those people with 4 or 5 kids and remember not to complain. I don't usually blog on the weekend but while browsing online over lunch I became besotted with this gorgeous Melbourne home designed by architectural firm Robson Rak in association with Made by Cohen. I thought it would be selfish of me not to share.

Since having young children, I have paired back my interior style somewhat. Removed those nick-knacks. Hidden away the dust collectors. That's what caught my attention with this home. The clean lines and the simplicity of this place and yet it still has that playful family vibe.
Found via The Style Files
 Would you believe that the front of this house is an old brick villa? Clever huh? Happy Saturday.
Amy x

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Styled Nook by A Merry Mishap

These gorgeous images were a collaboration between the very talented Jennifer from  A Merry Mishap and Target. Jennifer styled a reading nook using cosy textures, neutral tones and a touch of brass tones thrown in the mix. 

I would park up here with a cuppa and a new magazine any day.
Amy x

Monday, October 27, 2014

Summer lust haves.

Happy Tuesday. Was a long weekend here in New Zealand so after a relaxing time at the beach we are all getting back into the swing of things.

I have been eyeing up these bad boys for a while now. Hobes. Ridiculously cool! Insanely comfortable. Oh so practical.

1 2
Lastly, fashion and interiors really do go hand in hand so it is only fitting that I feature some eye candy on this Tuesday morning.

Amy x

Thursday, October 23, 2014

End of week mix up featuring Rooms to Love by LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson

It feels like this blog is becoming a once a week thing and for that I am sorry. Being a Mum proves challenging and rewarding all at the same time. For me, the biggest change is the lack of time that I get to do things. Today in my neck of the woods it is a public holiday so I am taking advantage of the husband being home to get some blogging done. Bit of a mixed post today. A few things that I am loving of late.

First up a huge congratulations to both interior stylist LeeAnn Yare and photographer Larnie Nicolson on their second gorgeous collaboration - Rooms to Love. And an even bigger congratulations on the announcement of a sell out. Thank you both very much for my beautiful copy. I am working my way through it and love everything that I see so far. Grab yourself a copy here. You wont be disappointed.
Clockwise from top left, Maya Trio, Bentwood Stool, The Jimmy Stand, Hudson Chair

As a young family who like the nice things in life but are also trying to get ahead, I don't have copius amounts of money to spend on furniture. This is where well known and on trend brand Mocka comes into play. Such fabulous, timeless and practiacal products without that hefty price tag. My kind of store. Constantly upping their game, Mocka are a proud New Zealand family business with a growing Australian team in place.

Photography by Caroline McCredie
And lastly I am just absolutely swooning over this Bondi home designed by the clever team at C + M Studio by the name of Cross Street Project as seen over at Est Magazine. Can I move in now please?

Happy weekend.

Amy x

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jardin Outdoor


Don't you think that sunshine is the answer to many of life's problems? I do! Gosh it is good to see the sun. We have been enjoying lunch out on our deck recently looking out upon our property. I feel so fortunate to be able to do that. So while I am always looking at new interiors for inside the house, my focus has shifted some what of late.

I am delighted to have discovered the gorgeous Jardin Outdoor and even more thrilled to come across their range of the iconic French Bistro chairs. First developed for Parisian lemonade sellers in 1889, The French Bistro chair recently celebrated 125 years and today is still as popular as it was when it first emerged onto the market. 

Speaking of summer and outdoor living, just a quick couple of inspiration pics just because. Now image the gorgeous French Bistro chairs amongst that lot will ya? Perfection right?
Amy x

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cream Empire

It is no secret that I just adore childrens bed linen. Infact, I am a real sucker for it. You know that one item that you hav heaps of but you just keep buying more, childrens linen is mine. My weakness one might say. I wish I was clever enough to make it, ahhhh but I am not. I'll leave that up to the experts. One expert who is just going from strength to strength, producing the coolest of cool is Carolina from Cream Empire. Honestly, I would own the entire range if I could! I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the fantastic brand that is Cream empire.

Tell us about yourself Carolina, Cream Empire and most importantly what inspires you.
I am a mother, wife and part-time scientist. All of my other time goes to my home based Cream Empire business. I am the one who designs and creates all of my products. 
My greatest inspiration comes from my son Javier. (pronounced Havier, Spanish for Xavier) He is 18 months and its already running us off our feet! My Hubby and family inspire and support all of my silly ideas! Love them to bits.

I launched Cream Empire in November 2013 on Etsy, however I was only using fabrics from fabrics stores. This was proving quite difficult to find exactly what I wanted.
Twelve weeks ago cream empire had a makeover and I launched my own range of designs on fabrics and a new website. Since then I have been very busy designing, printing and painting new designs. And of course sewing all my items together! 

My designs are scandinavian inspired. I love minimalist interiors and designs but I also do love a bit of colour! I like to make my designs fun and modern to suit any age group. 

Favorites- Books/magazines/blogs/foods/places.
I love reading girly girl books. One of my favorite authors is Monica Mcinery (not that I get much time to read these days!) 
My fav mags are of course Real living, la petite mag , Frankie mag(basically any interior, baby and design mags and the odd science journals) My geeky side sometimes comes out! 
I love Melbourne. It is my fave place in the whole world. I was born in chile (south america) and came to oz when was a young tacker. NYC and Florence are equally second on my fave places list! NYC was actually one of my biggest inspirations to start my own business when we travelled there in 2012 . My hubby (Joel) and I use to sit at borders at times square and read Rich Dad Poor Dad. A very inspirational book for all people wanting to start a business. 
One of my favorite blogs has to be The Design Chaser and also Curated By. Love their style.

My favorite food has to be pasta! l love my carbs! and chips... and smoothies! Maybe one day my designs will be inspired by these foods!
Thank you so much for your time Carolina. Seriously you would want to pop over and check out this range. Also available here in New Zealand at The Foxes Den. It is insanely cool.
Happy Monday.
Amy x

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anywhere raincoat from LET LIV

How fabulous are these Anywhere raincoats by PAQME from LET LIV. Light enough to be zipped away in your handbag pocket. Classy, stylish and oh so practical.

Amy x

Lindi Kingi

Lindi Kingi, a household name I believe. A name that all New Zealanders should know and if they don't, they ought to. Lindi Kingi, a collection of beaded jewellery born of a love for the eclectic, the exotic and the precious. Lindi Kingi, style.
Photo one via The Design Chaser with thanks.
Lindi Kingi jewellery, the perfect addition to any outfit. Available to buy here and check for your nearest stockist here.

Lucky for us the Lindi Kingi team were feeling generous. They have a gorgeous set of Skinny Neons to give away to one lucky Milo and Mitzy reader. All you need to do is email me on with the subject line Skinny Neons. So simple. I will draw a winner tomorrow and let you know via email. Good luck.
Amy x

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Self confessed BLOCKAHOLIC

I am a blockaholic! There, I said it! Four nights a week. Seriously you cannot get much better than that right? I have taken over that TV remote and jeepers do I love it!
via here and here with thanks
I am a huge fan of Jo and Damo, don't get me wrong there. They are fabulous to watch and Jo does have great style, but jeez, Alex and Corban are streets ahead of everyone else. Those two have put in some serious serious yards, huge amounts of research and their experience is clearly evident. 

So it was very cool when Alex and Corbans Muriwai home did the rounds on social media over the weekend. It took me back to when their house also featured in New Zealands Homestyle Magazine. Recently this amazing home of theirs, built entirely from shipping containers sold for a cool 1.2 mil.

This then led me onto checking out the Australian Block room reveals as there have been some seriously talented designers come from The Block Australia. How fabulous are some of these rooms below?

all via here
Have a happy Monday to you all. Hopefully I can get more posts than one done this week!!! errr, sorry about that! :)
Amy x

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monday muddle up

A bit of a Monday muddle up today as that's how I am feeling after a rather busy social weekend. First up, I am head over heels in love with this rad kitchen as found here. The black cabinetry is what does it for me and those amazing dining room chairs.

Next up is one lady who is just going from strength to strength. Olivia Smith of Nodi Handmade Rugs has blown it out of the water with her new Organic Lines range. These rugs are lovingly woven and handmade in India from the finest jute, cotton and Viscose.  Dreaming of owning one of these babies one day!

 And lastly, these 100% merino baby wraps from New Zealands Burrow & Be have caught my eye lately. Such fabulous designs making them an awesome present to give to an expectant Mum. Perfect for wrapping the new bundle as well as being super super stylish.
Happy Monday. I hope you all have a great start to the week and do keep those emails coming in introducing me to new bits and pieces. I love getting your messages.
Amy x

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blonde Wood

I am in the slow process of trying to change the wood in my house to mostly being blonde wood. Completely on trend right now, blonde wood gives off modern fresh summery vibe, looks great with black white or colours and mixes well with tiles, concrete and marble.
via here and  here with thanks

I am saving my pennies to purchase some of these awesome Hudson Stools from Mocka. I have thought long and hard about bar stools and which ones would work best in our house yet be able to stand the test of time and after much research I have come to the decision to purchase four of these Hudson Mocka stools. (When the bank allows...and the husband!)

Another business who is killing it with their blond wooden furniture is New Zealands Lily Jane Boutique. Im eyeing up one of their cubby side tables, but seriously the whole collection screams cool, especially that insane Lux wardrobe.

1 2
Some further interior inspiration pics showing great uses of blond colour wood used throughout the home. What do you think? Converted? I hate being a follower I really do, but Im find it hard not to jump on the band wagon of this darn rad trend!

Amy x